Brand Identity Design

Differentiate your company with a unique corporate identity design , to tell your customers what is special about your business, and help them to remember your identity.

Corporate branding services from Interteleco

How does corporate
identity design process work?

First of all, we consider the overall business strategy, what does your business actually do, who are your target audience, and what your message is. We determine your corporate positioning in the market, and how it can be developed. We also decide on with you how you want your audience to perceive your brand. Determining the mission and the vision of your company is crucial in the brand identity design process, it helps emphasize your identity and give you a roadmap to guide you in the future.

The next step after discovering all the needed aspects of your business is to start the actual corporate identity design , we go beyond designing attractive and remarkable logos. We decide on the primary colours to use, which must be consistent in all your future designs, the font and the imagery which will be used among your social media pages and website. Brand identity design is also about creating visual and verbal elements like the tone used to communicate with your audience, the core values of your brand and the content you deliver.

The last thing we do is to help you building brand awareness and make your target audience not only know about the existence of your brand but also remember it. We provide consistent deliverables that convey your messages, either physical materials like business cards, flyers, and brochures or non-physical materials like a logo or a website. Being noticeable and memorable is the core objective of the brand identity process, our team works on delivering a quality corporate identity design that can promote your brand very well.

Why implement
a corporate identity design ?

  • It helps you stand out against competitors, your corporate identity design is what distinguishes you within the market
  • A remarkable brand identity makes your products or services easily recognized by customers.
  • It builds a strong relationship with customers which leads to a greater customer loyalty that lasts for long.
  • A strong brand identity design can increase credibility which then affects the overall performance of the brand

Communicate effectively with your customers, and have a strong reputation and a recognizable
brand by implementing a professional corporate identity design.