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Promote your business and get new customers from existing or new markets now through Interteleco's
Bulk SMS Marketing service, SMSBox.

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Bulk SMS marketing
services from Interteleco

The importance of bulk SMS marketing services has emerged since the huge spread of mobile phones, as it is considered one of the most effective tools of marketing because of its ability to reach customers directly.

We also provide the ability to send marketing SMS based on location. This service enables you to send SMS to any location you want, such as sending them to anyone who visits a mall or a place hosting events as soon as they cross the lines that define this place, and this all is available in Kuwait through Zain AdZone service.

In this way, you'll be able to take advantage of events and target visitors to specific locations so you can increase your sales volume and get more customers.

The process of our bulk SMS marketing services?

We help you choose the right audience, SMS marketing is not about sending a huge number of messages to a number of people, but to get effective results you have to determine the right audience for your business.

Create customized messages
Our team Creates customized messages for each segment of your audience, we don’t send the same message to all people.

Send consistent messages
We send your offers, promotions and discounts once they are in progress so all your audience knows about them.

Use customized Sender ID
Sending your messages with your customized sender ID to establish your brand name and identity in your customer’s mind.

Get reports periodically
When you use SMSBox, and unlike many other networks, we will provide you with periodic reports to follow up your marketing campaigns, compare the number of recipients and readers with your new customers and learn what can be done to optimize your marketing campaigns.

Why implement our bulk SMS marketing services ?

  • It is a cheap and convenient marketing tool.
  • It helps you to reach a wide variety of audiences wherever they are.
  • SMS marketing is time efficient, we can implement the whole campaign in relatively little time.
  • Getting instant results as most of your messages are read instantly.
  • SMS marketing provides you with a more personalized marketing tool.
  • Rich SMS can drive traffic to your website.
  • Target specific places so you can send messages automatically to their visitors like malls.

Request and integrate our bulk SMS marketing services with your marketing plans so all of them work together
to achieve your marketing goals.