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Now you can grow your business by developing an integrated digital marketing strategy that recognizes
all digital marketing aspects.

Digital marketing strategy process | Interteleco

What is the digital
marketing strategy process?

Before coming up with any strategy, the goals must be defined first, we help our customers to set their business goals and based on these goals we develop a digital marketing strategy.

The strategy is composed
of six synchronized parts

Define the goals and objectives | Interteleco
Define the goals and objectives

It is not about setting only the ultimate goal, but we break up this goal into several objectives related to this goal. We ensure that both the goal and the objectives are measurable and realistic, so we can set a timeline for each of these objectives afterwards.

Determine the methodology | Interteleco
Determine the methodology

Here comes the important part of setting the tools and digital methods to use, not every digital marketing strategy is the same, we determine the best digital methods to use according to our previous analysis.

Define the target audience | Interteleco
Define the target audience

We put the audience at the heart of the planning process of our digital marketing strategy, thinking about their desires, goals and aspirations so we can meet them all. We define your loyal customers, your current ones, and your potential customers to define the objectives according to each case.

Implement the strategy | Interteleco
Implement the strategy

A flexible measurable plan is then implemented, we make sure that we follow a pre-determined timeline and budget. Every part of the plan is documented to make sure that the whole strategy is going in an organized way.

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Performing Analysis

The analysis is a core part of any digital marketing strategy, we analyze the current market our customers are planning to invade to determine the best methods and tools to use. Also analyzing their competitors and what tactics they use is important to make our customers stand-out with their strategy.

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Measure the results

We don’t measure at the end of the strategy only because our digital marketing strategy is an ongoing process. We provide periodic reports to customize any part of the strategy according to the results of these reports.

Benefits of implementing
a digital marketing strategy ?

By implementing a digital marketing strategy you can

  • Identify your current customers and your potential customers.
  • Identify your current position in the market compared to your competitors.
  • Identify the platforms that your customers are using the most.
  • Attract more potential customers and convert more leads.
  • Work in an organized way using the best tools suitable for your business.
  • Get periodic reports on how your marketing efforts are performing.
  • Get the desirable business outcomes.
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