Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the shortest and the most effective marketing tools to reach your customers, it keeps
on the communication process with all your customers.

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How is
marketing through Email ?

1 Determine the goals of our customers

The step to setting goals for our customers is the first step that must be taken before starting the planning and implementation stages. Based on your goals, we make the appropriate marketing campaign
that will help you achieve it.

Customers' goals vary depending on what their company is, what products and services they provide, company age and other factors. Some companies aim to build awareness of the brand, some of which aim to increase sales, attract attention to a specific event, or stay in touch with their customers to gain their confidence and other goals that we analyze and study how to achieve through e-mail marketing.

2 Create an email list

At interteleco, we filter email according to several criteria and features so that you can choose your email package according to the goal of your campaign and target audience. For example, you could choose to send e-mail to men or women, or those under the age of thirty, to reside somewhere or work in a specific profession and other criteria.

3 Email writing

At this stage, we are writing the electronic message according to the objectives previously identified, by relying on a set of criteria such as focusing on the needs of customers to attract their attention, easy language understandable, comfortable design and include all types of appeal to obtain the highest return from these messages.

4 Track and analyze results

In order to be able to know the success of your advertising campaign, we at Interletico track results by using a set of tools, in order to be informed of all developments of your campaign and the extent to which they achieve the desired results, in addition to knowing ways and ways through which the following campaigns can be improved. This includes providing you with detailed monthly reports.

Email marketing campaigns | Interteleco

Why do you have to work
Email marketing campaigns ?

  • Email marketing is one of the least expensive channels of e-marketing compared to other tools.
  • It is a direct way to communicate without spending too much or wasting time.
  • It enables you to reach a wide range of customers.
  • Through it you get instant reports to be able to improve it and see how it has achieved the desired results.
  • It enables you to increase traffic to your site and reach more sales.
  • Email marketing guarantees you to reach customers easily and directly in their mailboxes, and they can communicate with you easily and free of charge. Do not hesitate and now create your marketing campaign via e-mail through interteleco.