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Bulk SMS applications

Ministries and government agencies
With the widespread use of technology in all fields, the government sector also gained its share, followed by the use of bulk SMS service . Government agencies can benefit from bulk SMS service in advertising available jobs, alerting to acceptance or rejection results, publishing laws and decisions, and sending awareness and guidance messages. Government agencies can also benefit from the announcement of tenders as well as communication with citizens to strengthen the relationship and trust among them, and can also use them to advertise the end of vehicle licenses and alert violations also.

Educational institutions
On the other hand, SMS also has an influential role in the educational processes, which can be used to communicate with faculty, invite parents to meetings, congratulate them on holidays, send periodic reports about the students and other benefits for educational institutions.

Medical sector
The medical sector can also benefit from bulk SMS service by sending messages to remind patients, as well as sending periodic health recommendations to them, which strengthens the relationship between patients and medical centres. It can also be used as a marketing tool when owning modern equipment or a doctor visiting the medical centres through newsletters.

Shops and markets
Markets and shops also benefit from bulk SMS service, by announcing new products, competitions and offers, with the possibility of informing customers of the opening of new branches. Bulk SMS can also be used administratively by addressing staff and administrative divisions. All is the same in the field of cars where the exhibitions can correspond with customers and inform them of the availability of new vehicles, shows and competitions in addition to informing them of the opening of new branches.

Real estate services
Real estate companies benefit from bulk SMS in many areas such as advertising new real estate services, opening more projects and exhibitions, sending real estate opportunities to customers based on pre-existing databases, and reminding existing customers of the periodic payment dates.

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