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Send advertising SMS to your customers wherever they are without the need to an internet connection, and reach them in the time you want via Interteleco's SMS services.

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SMS Marketing
The first SMS services we provide is SMS marketing, which is one of the best and most efficient marketing tools. Firstly, we identify the goals of your campaigns that help us identifying your targeted audience. We identify these criteria to help us achieve the best results; the results that are not reaching as many people, but reaching as many possible customers. After all these analyses, we start writing your marketing messages professionally to attract the receivers, then we continue sending periodically with your customers to stay in their minds. Moreover, you will be able to send SMS based on location by Zain AdZone service in Kuwait. Using this service, you will be able to target specific areas like Malls or Events so you can target not leads but customers.

Bulk SMS services
We also provide you with bulk SMS services, so you can send as many messages as you want with a click of a button, and during the times you want according to the countries you are targeting. You can use this function to well-use the worldwide and local events in your campaigns by sending your messages during these events like football matches or feasts. You can easily send your bulk SMS through SMSBox platform by signing up, writing the messages and the numbers of the receivers, and finally clicking Send.

Application Programming Interface (API)
At Interteleco, we provide you with an API that allows you to connect our SMS services with your system. By using our API, you will be able to send your messages directly from your own dashboard, and you can use it to send verification messages, OTP messages, and Two-factor authentication messages to provide more security for your customers. Our API is easy-to-install as well as being easy-to-use, along with supporting the most common and used protocols like HTTP, SMPP, and others...

Don't hesitate or think too much, and request our SMS services to reach more customers everywhere, every
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